Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students who received awards during our assemblies! Keep up the great work! Students of the Week – Ending 11/08 CLASS TEACHER STUDENT Prep A Mrs Nicoll Rajvir S Prep B Miss Belovitch Ridhi N Prep C Miss Thomas Prep D Ms Leslie Jeenawal S Class 12A Mrs Scott Isabella H Class […]

From the Office

WE WANT OUR PARENTS / CAREGIVERS / GUARDIANS TO TELL US WHAT THEY THINK! Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents / caregivers / guardians think of our school. The Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education that is designed to […]


Congratulations to the following students who are celebrating a birthday in August! We hope you had a lovely day! Nivaan  34C Stella     56B Harjot   12E Ronin    PC Aisha     12C Xavier    56C Triman Kaur  12A Mya       34A Yarna     12D Shareya   34B Daniel    34C Mohammad  12C

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Building resilience in children Resilience … it’s a familiar word, isn’t it? But what does it really mean? When we talk about resilience, we’re talking about a child’s ability to cope with ups and downs and bounce back from the challenges they experience during childhood – for example moving home, changing schools, studying for an […]

School Canteen

School Canteen We are happy to announce that the school Canteen is open and taking online orders. You will be able to order lunches daily, order future lunches and maintain credit in your account.  This will allow you to order conveniently from home without having to search around for loose change. To create an account […]

Our Learning

Our Learning in Grade 3 & 4 Literacy This Term, students have been working on developing fluency when reading. To support them in practising their fluency, students learnt about and participated in Reader’s Theatre. This was an opportunity for students to be assigned a character in which they practised reading the words and changing their voice […]


Introducing the School Leaders Year 1 & 2 Class Captains “A great leader is someone who helps people.  They are important because they can be kind.  A leader is a good buddy because when someone is sad you can cheer them up.  A leader can show the values.” Enayat 1/2A                            “A good […]

Principal’s Message

We are accelerating towards the end of Term 3 with many exciting events taking place over the next few weeks. Book Week We will have our first ever Book Week Parade on Friday 25th August at 9am.  We are excited to see the many costumes that students will wear to celebrate this occasion.  Parents are […]


PRIMARY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind. If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify school as soon as possible on the day of absence using […]

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