Introducing the School Leaders

Year 1 & 2 Class Captains

“A great leader is someone who helps people.  They are important because they can be kind.  A leader is a good buddy because when someone is sad you can cheer them up.  A leader can show the values.”

Enayat 1/2A                         


“A good leader is kind and follows the school values.  A good leaders helps others and does full body listening.  A good leader does not hit others and push others.  A good leader does not bully others, and make fun of others.”

Kirylls 1/2B                          

“Hi my name is Shnaya and I am honoured to be the class captain of 1/2 C.  I believe a good leader is someone who…

  • Helps others in all sessions.
  • Shows all the values all the time.
  • Solves all the problems.

A good leader is someone that guides the class TO LISTEN AND BEHAVE IN THE CLASSROOM”.

Shnaya 1/2C                    


“A good leader is when it is break time and somebody is hurt on the soccer pitch or anywhere you help them or if they are very hurt you can tell the teacher.”

Ali 1/2D                     


“A good leader is honest.  A good leader is persistent.  A good leader is smart.  A good leader is friendly.”

Indy 1/2E                       


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