The Thornhill Park Mathematics Lesson Structure has four components:

Warm Up

The warm-up is a short, sharp activity that activates prior knowledge in an engaging way to motivate students for the lesson ahead.


Within the introduction, the learning intention and success criteria are unpacked with the students to inform them of the objectives of the lesson. At this point, the relevant and essential vocabulary of the lesson is explored and discussed. The introduction concludes with modelling, articulation, and explicit teaching of the maths concepts to be explored within the student activity.

Student Activity

Students work both independently or in collaborative groups to undertake activities directly related to the learning intention and success criteria of the lesson as well as their own personal learning goals. Activities are designed to build mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills and where possible, are presented within rich, real-life contexts. Student-to-student and student-to-teacher conversations are encouraged as a way of addressing misconceptions and sharing strategies.


Students are given the opportunity to talk about, write about and reflect on their learning. Sharing provides a chance for students to learn from each other and articulate their thinking using the essential vocabulary. Reflection also provides students with the opportunity to participate in higher order thinking processes such as reasoning, analysing, justifying etc. Share reflection can occur at any time during the lesson, not just the end.

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