Values, Vision & Mission


Our school values are Respect, Integrity, Persistence and Wellbeing.

  • We display respect in all aspects of our school lives from the way we interact with each other to the way we treat our environment.
  • We have integrity by always striving to do our best at school and ensuring we are honest and trustworthy citizens.
  • We are persistent in challenging situations and always trying to give our very best.
    Being persistent enables our community to acknowledge that it is okay to make mistakes
    as this helps us to learn and to strive for excellence.
  • We value wellbeing for all members of the community. We strive for people to be at their best when at school, so we endeavour to differentiate our approach to ensure we are inclusive and provide support for all students and staff. We recognise that optimal learning occurs when students are happy and healthy.


Thornhill Park Primary School’s vision is to ensure

  • Our students are happy, empowered, curious and resilient learners
  • Our curriculum is challenging, engaging, inclusive and relevant and supports each student
    in achieving their full potential
  • Our staff are committed to providing high quality curriculum and a caring, inclusive classroom environment 
  • Our environment is welcoming, social, safe, positive and stimulating and encourages our students
    and staff to learn, develop and achieve success
  • Our school community is committed to an ever developing, positive, supportive and collaborative partnership between home, school and the community


Thornhill Park Primary School’s mission is to provide a learning environment that supports and enhances the educational, social and emotional development of every child across all aspects of their primary school lives and beyond, so that they are better equipped to make informed responsible choices throughout their lives, make valuable and positive contributions to their community and achieve their very best.

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