Setting Expectations & Promoting Inclusion

At Thornhill Park Primary School, we set high expectations for all our students, to promote a sense of pride and self-respect. We ensure that all children’s wellbeing is at the forefront to ensure they can participate, achieve and grow in a positive educational environment.

We do this by building strong student-teacher relationships, implementing ant-bullying policies, providing an inclusive curriculum, teaching to all student’s point of need with the creation and implementation of Individual Education Plans. All student’s cultural backgrounds, needs and abilities are recognised and reflected in the teaching and learning programs.

We monitor and track student attendance, use student surveys to gather information about the extent to which they feel valued and included, whether they are clear about what is expected of them and whether learning goals are challenging yet achievable.

At Thornhill Park we create inclusive and supportive learning environments by setting

  • Clear classroom and school expectations
  • Establish clear classroom procedures and routines
  • Encourage expected school behaviour through the implementation of School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix and the School Values of Respect, Integrity, Persistence and Wellbeing
  • Provide active supervision
  • Provide opportunities for student voice and agency.
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