School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Promoting positive student behaviour and wellbeing is a priority at Thornhill Park Primary School.  School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a whole-school framework which provides an approach to promote improved behaviour at school.  SWPBS has been developed through evidence and data and has shown to reduce inappropriate behaviour, improving school culture, and increasing academic performance.

Instead of using many different behaviour management strategies, a consistent system of expectations for all students within our school is implemented in all areas including classrooms and the yard  .All students enhance their social, emotional, and behavioural competencies by

  • Regularly reviewing their school’s agreed upon school-wide social values.
  • Frequently experiencing specific recognition when they engage in expected behaviour
  • Extending expected behaviours to all parts of the school, especially in classrooms to enhance their academic engagement and success
  • Experiencing predictable instructional consequences (reteaching) for problem behaviour without inadvertent rewarding of problem behaviour
  • Using a common language for communication, collaboration, play, problem solving, conflict resolution, and securing assistance

Classroom teachers explicitly teach the positive behaviour expectations just as we explicitly teach academics. Mistakes in behaviour are treated as learning opportunities, much as mistakes in learning are treated as learning opportunities.

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