Our Learning

Our Learning in Grade 3 & 4


This Term, students have been working on developing fluency when reading. To support them in practising their fluency, students learnt about and participated in Reader’s Theatre. This was an opportunity for students to be assigned a character in which they practised reading the words and changing their voice to match the character. Students read one of the following plays, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘The Greedy Farmer’, and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

This Term, in Writing, we have been focusing on writing personal narratives. Students brainstormed a variety of moments that have happened to them in their life, such as camping, going to the shops or family holidays. Students then picked a small moment from their event and wrote about it, adding some made up parts to make the story more interesting and engaging for their reader.



In our 3/4 classes, we have been learning about multiplication and division. Students have been using concrete materials, diagrams, and algorithms to solve a variety of multiplication and division problems. Students have developed their abilities to use ‘groups of’, ‘arrays’ and ‘algorithms’ to solve multiplication and division problems.

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