Principal’s Message

It has been another busy period at Thornhill Park over the past couple of weeks and we are accelerating towards the middle of the year.

Prep Enrolment Process

We have started taking pre-enrolment forms for people who will be bringing Prep students to us in 2025.  The Department of education introduced a new process in 2023 that means that we are unable to collect enrolments until the closing date for collection of pre-enrolment forms, which is the end of July.  We ask that if you have or know of a child starting school next year that you come in and get a pre-enrolment form.  Those who live within our Designated Neighbourhood Zone for 2025 will be most likely accepted and asked to fill out an official enrolment form.  Those who are out of zone will most likely need to apply to their Designated Neighbourhood school as we need to provide enough spaces for those who live in our area.  Appeals can then be lodged after this time with The Department of Education, however we are under clear instruction to only take new enrolments from within our zone.

Year 6 Uniforms

The Year 6 Uniforms have finally arrived.  Year 6 students can wear these for the rest of the year.  We apologise for the delay in getting these to you, however once the order is placed, the speed in which these are returned to us is out of our hands.  For 2025 we aim to have this process start around October, so that the tops are ready at the start of the year.

Year 3/4 Excursion to the Immigration Museum

Our Year 3/4 students attended the Immigration Museum last week.  We had 19 adults in attendance to supervise as we travelled to the city on the train.  By using the train, we were able to minimise the costs for the excursion as buses have become very expensive and this excursion was important to teach about Migration to Australia from other countries.  Thank you to Mr Cassano for organising this excursion and to the parent helpers who came along.

Prep Incursions – Important People in Our Community

Our Prep students have been experiencing some wonderful incursions highlighting the roles that local services provide for our community.  They have met a Surgeon (Miss Tedesco’s sister), Fire Fighters and Paramedics.  It has been a great way for our students to gain an understanding of who helps us in our community and how to access these services if required.  Thank you to the Prep teachers for organising this experience for our students.

Parent Meetings

Teachers may have contacted you recently to participate in parent meetings.  Parent meetings are a vital part of our reporting process as we are able to speak to you about your child’s progress and show you some of the work they have completed.  We are also able to speak with you about how we will help your child to achieve success and how you can help.  These meetings are throughout the year and should be looked at in conjunction with the Class Dojo comments and photos as they paint a picture of progress throughout the year.  We encourage all parents to speak with their child’s teacher whenever you need clarification or an update on your child’s academic and social progress.

Baby Soumbassis

Congratulations to Mr Soumbassis and his partner Rose on the birth of Theodore.  We wish them every happiness as they watch their child grow and learn.

Have a wonderful weekend

Darryl Spiteri


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