Our Learning

Our Learning…. in Grade 5/6


We have been learning about reasonable arguments and the language of persuasion. Students have been participating in various debates as a whole class, in partners and in teams. Students have been learning how to voice their opinion with supportive evidence. They understand that using language with high modality (words that are more effective in convincing listeners of the speaker’s position) impacts the audiences response to an argument. Students have been actively involved and enjoyed the speaking and listening process, which included giving feedback to others in a meaningful way. They were also encouraged to improve upon their arguments, using the feedback given. This wonderful learning experience has led the way for students to write persuasive pieces with greater knowledge.

Reconciliation Week

Students explored the importance of Reconciliation Week and why it was created. We discovered some key events in Australia’s reconciliation history. We discussed bringing equality and justice for all Australians and why Reconciliation Week is an important time to come together to listen and learn from each other. We learnt it is important to celebrate Reconciliation Week because we are all one community and we celebrate our cultural diversity. Students were encouraged to trace their hands and write 5 things they could do to improve, resolve or change positively their relationships with their peers.


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