Our Learning

Our Learning…. in Grade 3/4


We have been learning about whole number. Students have been participating in a variety of activities to revise their knowledge of place value and how we can use it to partition and rename numbers. Students have been highly engaged in hands on activities using MABs. They have been identifying the different parts of a number using place value e.g. in 135, there is 1 hundred, 3 tens and 5 ones. The MAB is also assisting them to rename numbers e.g. 426 can be 4 hundreds + 2 tens + 6 ones or 4 hundreds + 26 ones or 2 hundred + 220 tens + 6 ones (this concept will be necessary when we move onto addition and subtraction algorithms).

Home Reading

It is wonderful to see most students reading at home and tracking this in their journals. All students are expected to read for 10-15 minutes each school night and are welcome to read on the weekend too. We now have levelled home readers available for students to borrow, however they are welcome to read books from home, the council library or online (Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress or Epic!).

Reading journals are checked regularly and progress recorded. We have had a number of students progressing through our Reading Wall, where students get to put their name once they reach a milestone in their take home reading journal. Students get to celebrate their success with the Year 3/4 cohort when we have assemblies. More than 14 students have already reached the 100-night goal and they are well on their way to 125 nights, such an amazing effort!


Please encourage your child to record in their journal neatly, completing all the sections. We also ask that parents sign the journals at least once a week.

Some ways you can support your child with Reading at home:

  • Encourage them to have a regular reading time and provide a comfortable place to read.
  • Get them to read aloud to younger brothers and sisters.
  • Ask them questions about their reading e.g. What did you think of what you read? Are you enjoying the book? Why?
  • Ask them to pick a few interesting words to discuss the meaning and use.
  • Encourage them to write about their reading. This can be as simple as a brief summary in their journal or longer pieces like a letter to the author/character, a book review or a set of questions/wonderings.
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