Our Learning

Our Learning in Visual Arts

This week in Visual Art the students in Grade 1/2 have been learning about warm and cool colours. They traced their hand several times to form an abstract piece of art. The students used a selection of warm and cool colours to enhance their work. The School Value of Persistence was definitely practised during these Art lessons. Keep up the great creativity Grade 1/2s. 

Mr Pody and Mrs Shoebridge

Our Learning in Year 3 & 4

It has been an amazing start to the year with our fun and engaging start up program. Teachers have been getting to know your children as they work together with your children to set class expectations and routines that align with our school values.

NOTE: Expectations and routines have been created with the students, they may differ slightly from class to class.

Our 3/4 cohort has been very fortunate in being provided with an opportunity to participate in a Water Safety Swimming Program. Students have been going to the pools daily to learn about water safety and basic swimming skills. Those at school have been participating in a variety of lessons around water safety and its importance.



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