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Our Learning in Years 5 & 6

Welcome to a vibrant start to Term 1 in our Grade 5 and 6 classes! We’ve embarked on an exciting journey, beginning with our comprehensive start-up program. This foundational phase set the stage for a year filled with learning, growth, and leadership development. A standout experience was the “Young Leaders Public Leadership Personal & Social Capability Critical & Creative Thinking Incursion,” where our students showcased impressive teamwork and leadership skills, setting a positive tone for the year ahead.

During this incursion, our students engaged in several team-building activities that challenged them to work together in innovative ways. Using yoga balls and marbles, they navigated tasks that required precision, coordination, and collective strategy. The “25 up” game was a particular highlight, where teams worked to keep a ball in the air for 25 consecutive hits, fostering a sense of unity and shared achievement.  These activities were not just about fun; they were carefully designed to cultivate an understanding of leadership that is inclusive and accessible to all students. Our Grade 5/6 cohort emerged with a reinforced belief that leadership is not just a title but an action, demonstrated through cooperation, respect, and the ability to inspire and support one another. This experience has instilled in them that leadership is inherent in every student, setting a strong foundation for their development as the leaders of tomorrow.

This enriching start has filled our students with enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of what it means to lead and work as part of a team. We look forward to seeing how these skills develop and influence our learning community throughout the term.


In reading this term, students will delve into the complexities of texts, employing strategies such as Thinking WITHIN the Text and Thinking BEYOND the Text to
enhance comprehension and critical thinking. They will explore different text structures and learn to infer meanings beyond the written word.
In writing this term, students will express their creativity through Imaginative-Realistic Narratives, blending literary elements with their personal experiences. The introduction of the Writer’s Notebook will empower them to capture their thoughts and inspirations, fostering a deeper connection with their writing.


In Numeracy this term, we will be focusing on Number and Place Value, alongside Fractions and Decimals.  Our curriculum is designed to challenge and support students, with activities that promote practical problem-solving, the application of technology, and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.



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