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Our Learning in Art

During Term 4, grade 1-5 students have been immersed in the Art and life of Vincent Van Gogh, from the ‘Starry Night’ to his beautiful Sunflowers. To follow is an overview of the skills and techniques the students have been learning to create their very own masterpieces.

Prep – Students have been learning about Van Goghs Sunflowers and they have been introduced to techniques such as, sketching, colour blocking, shading, cutting and designing paper flowers to complete their sunflower drawings.

Year 1/2 – Students have been learning to draw Van Goghs Sunflowers through directional drawing. They have been learning the art of sketching a design and introduced to oil pastels and blending colours to simulate the bold and bright colours of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. They have also learnt to incorporate a range of different mediums and how to use them in one design. The 1/2 students have also been experimenting with drawing Anime cartoons.

Year 3/4 – Students have been using a range of mediums to re-create a version of Van Goghs ‘Starry Night’. They have been using oil pastels, to create the bold and bright lines of the land and swirls of the sky, and they have incorporated and designed paper houses using POSCA pens, to add a different and unique addition to the design.

Year 5 – Students have been designing a replica from Van Goghs ‘Starry night’. They have used oil pastel, crayon, and pencil. The students followed a directional drawing process to sketch the design and then learnt to blend the pastels to create depth and used bold lines, shade and created perspective in their designs.

I am very proud of the level of work created by all students during this special task.

Year 6 – Legacy ‘Bollard’ project: The year 6 students have been working on a special legacy project, that will be designed on wooden bollards. This task has taken the whole term to research, sketch and design, ready to paint on the bollards. The students are currently finishing this amazing task that will be installed into the garden to remember our first grade 6 students at Thornhill Park Primary School.



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