Our Learning

Our Learning in Year 5/6

This term the Year 5/6 students have been learning about designing a business in the topic “Kidpreneur Challenge,” which focuses on economics and business. They have been learning about needs, wants, goods and services. Students are gaining a real-life understanding of the design and production process when creating a brand-new product or supplying a service. In small groups, students have planned, advertised, and will sell their goods and services in the gym next week to students from other classes (Thursday, 30th November). Students took part in the ‘Market Manoeuvres’ incursion where they explored the differences between economic needs and wants. They encountered opportunity cost and trade-off situations and learnt about the personal and societal benefits of work and trading. Students participated in an interactive game and a whole-class economy activity in which they purchased, produced, and sold materials and goods to investigate the roles of supply, demand and government to determine prices. Within Numeracy, students have been working on multi-digit multiplication and division and gaining practical skills in budgeting by incorporating whole and decimal numbers. Students have explored percentage discounts, helping them make informed financial decisions which nicely tied in with their Inquiry topic of economics and business.


The 5/6 classes have also had a visit from the local police, where students were reminded about how to be safe online when completing schoolwork or using social media. They talked about keeping personal information secret to ensure that details are not shared with others.


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