Our Learning

Our Learning in Year 1/2


This term, in Reading students have been developing their comprehension skills through learning about the strategy of Inferring. Inferring is when the reader uses clues in the text and their prior knowledge to make a smart guess about something the author didn’t directly state. Students have been focused on making inferences about how a character is feeling by using clues in the text and illustrations. Building on this knowledge students will be able to extend themselves to infer about character traits by looking closely at their actions and dialogue.

This Term, in Writing, we have been focusing on writing imaginative narrative texts. Students have explored what features are included in a narrative text, the purpose, being able to describe their character and the character traits. Students have been practicing to provide more details into their writing for the reader to become more engaged.

Students have had opportunities to develop their spelling skills by exploring common spelling patterns and completing related activities to build on their knowledge. 


In our 1/2 classes, we have been focused on learning more about the concept of time. Through using analogue clocks, interactive displays and visual images, students have become familiar with the units of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. They have explored and compared the duration of everyday events and become familiar with the terms, morning, afternoon and evening. Students have enjoyed using our class calendars to record and count down the number of days to special events. Students also practiced ordering the days of the week and months of the year.  

It’s been a very positive and busy start to the term in the Grade 1/2‘s! 


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