Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Space

At Thornhill Park Primary School, we have programs and support to ensure all children can thrive.  Our wellbeing team support our students at their point of need. We ensure we use a broad range of strategies and supports to enable our students to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our dedicated wellbeing space promotes the healthy development of children’s emotional self-regulation, particularly for students whose needs may not easily be met in the classroom environment. Our approach is to ensure all students, whatever challenges they are facing, are fully integrated into the classroom, maintaining a climate of inclusion for all students.

The Wellbeing space is a great space to build and maintain self-regulation strategies, support the sensory needs of our students and to promote the social and emotional development and wellbeing of our students.  The space is a place to recharge and reset when experiencing difficult emotions or challenging circumstances.  With permission from their teacher, the students can come to the space, normally for 10 minutes, where they are supervised and supported to self-regulate.  They may want quiet time, they may want to chat to a trusted adult, or they may utilise one of the many resources, by themselves, or with a friend,  At the end of their 10 minutes, they return to class ready to learn.

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