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Healthy meals for healthy learners

Parents and carers can help children thrive in their education by ensuring they eat nutritious and healthy food.

Use these tips to help plan healthy meals and snacks.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast gives students the energy they need to play, learn, and concentrate throughout their busy day.

A nutritious breakfast is low in sugar and contains healthy whole-grain foods like whole-grain cereal and toast and some protein and healthy fats such as eggs or cheese to keep little stomachs full all morning.

Get motivated with these easy breakfast ideas, and if your child is reluctant to eat breakfast, try these tips to make it tasty and easy.

Pick and mix to make a healthy lunchbox

Making lunch together is a great way for your child to learn healthy eating habits. Stick to fresh, unprocessed foods as much as possible and swap out the sweet treats for a piece of fruit or a tub of yogurt.

The pick & mix has practical ideas to create healthy school lunches.

Drink plenty of water

Children don’t need fruit juices or other sweet drinks to get the energy they need for their day. Encourage healthy habits by packing water or unflavoured milk in your child’s lunchbox instead.

Adding a splash of lemon or filling a colourful, reusable water bottle can help make drinking water a fun experience for your child. In summer, pack an ice block to keep food and drinks cold.

Find out more about sweet drinks and children.

Remember to be a positive role model

You are an important role model to your child. Show them that healthy eating is delicious and fun.

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