Introducing the School Leaders

Red House Captains for 2023

Hi, my fellow students, I am Journey the house captain for the red team.  I am 10 years old turning 11 years old.  I like this school because of all my friends and the staff.  I also like this school because the school is so creative.  I wanted to be house captain or any captain because I wanted to represent the school and want everyone to know I’m responsible.  I really love this school.  This is my best school yet!  I have a big responsibility.



Hi, I am Alisha.  I am 10 years old, and I am house vice-captain for the red team.  I really love our school and it is better than the previous schools I have been to.  I really like being house vice-captain of red to have a responsibility of a big job.  I like my job because I get to represent the whole school.


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