From the Office

Lost Property

A reminder that students are responsible for their own belongings. Please put name labels on all clothing items, jackets, lunchboxes and drink bottles to prevent loss and reduce waste.  Some important reminders to all parents regarding lost property:

  • Please label all clothing that comes to school!  If items came labelled to school our mountain of lost property would be much more manageable.
  • If your child doesn’t bring home an item of clothing, please ask their teacher or come to the office to check our lost property box.
  • Any items that haven’t been claimed from lost property by (the last Monday of term) will be placed in our ‘second hand’ uniform box for sale.

Students Arriving Late

At the beginning of the day students are informed of the day’s program, events and important instructions are often given. Students arriving late to school (after 8.50am) also disrupt the class they are in, as they get organised and settled for the day. Your co-operation on this matter would be greatly appreciated. 8.50am is the cut off time for late arrivals. After 8.50am students will be recorded as being late for school.  A student arriving late to school must sign in at the office and their late arrival will be recorded on the daily attendance roll. Parents/Guardians must provide a reason for their child arriving late to school.

Absence Hotline

Please call 03 8764 3990 follow the prompts to record your child’s absence.  Please say their name clearly and class.  Alternatively, you can submit an absence through Compass. 

Students Leaving Early

If you need to collect a student from school early, can you please call the office to give us time to have the student at the office for when you arrive.


Have you lost your user name or password on Compass? Please contact the office so we can assist you on 03 8764 3990.

Traffic Safety

With many parents picking up their children after school, traffic can be quite dangerous at times. Please be aware of the safety of all pedestrians and cyclists (particularly young children) when driving near the school. Please be particularly aware of children crossing the road or walking out from between parked cars. For the safety of all students, please observe a safe speed limit and obey the directions of the school crossing guard, who manages the school crossing. Please ensure you park appropriately and observe all traffic laws while in the school traffic zone. Your help with improving the safety of all students would be greatly appreciated.

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