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Late Starts and Early Departures

Sometimes your child will need to start late or leave school early (e.g.: for a medical appointment).

If you need to drop off your children late then bring them to the main school office directly so that you can sign them in.

If you need to pick your children up early then please notify us in advance and we will arrange to have your child waiting in the school office. This is especially important during recess and lunch breaks, because your child will be out in the playground and won’t hear announcements to come to the office.


  • It is very important to check the Compass news feed daily.
  • Absences MUST be reported via Compass on the day of absence (early in the morning or ahead of time where possible).
  • Notification of excursions and incursions requiring online consent/payment are posted to the Compass news feed. If consent/payment for incursions and excursions is not received by the due date via the appropriate Compass online consent form, your child will be unable to participate/attend.

Unexplained Absences

There are many unexplained absences for students on Compass.  It is the responsibility of the parents\carers to ensure that the attendance is correctly entered on Compass when their child\ren are absent.

Could all families please check their children’s attendance on Compass and update any unexplained absences.

If you are unsure of the process, please click here for instructions on how to enter attendance:

Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass

Did you know that you can now consent & make a payment on Compass for your child’s excursion

Your child will be attending excursions / events throughout the year. Log into Compass on the Parent Portal via the schools website for each excursion to approve the consent and make a payment (if applicable) online by the due dates.

Compass greatly assists parents with approval and payment requirements. Parents can easily access their child’s activities, keep the school up to date with important information, and complete the permission & payment process.

To provide the consent/payment required, parents click on the notification which will appear on the home screen under “My News”. This will take you to the Events page, where you can see all events that require consent/payment, and those that may have already consented to/paid for.

By clicking the “Process Now (Online)” option, parents will be prompted to enter information regarding emergency contact details, as well as any relevant medical information.

You can also select to pay using your CSEF funds (if eligible).

If you require any assistance, please contact the General Office on 8764 3990.

School Photos

School photos have arrived and have been distributed by their classroom teacher.  If your child has not received their school photos, please come to the office to the collect them.

Medical Information

It is important that you notify Thornhill Park Primary School if your child’s medical details have changed to ensure that we provide the best care for them while they are at school.

If your child has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that may affect them during their time at school,  please keep us informed.  This may include taking a new medication, a change in medication, a newly diagnosed medical condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, an Allergy, Anaphylaxis, or any other pre-existing medical condition that the school is unaware of.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, an Allergy or Anaphylaxis, you will need to provide the school with an action / management plan. Once we receive an action / management plan we will work with families to develop a student health support plan or an individual anaphylaxis / allergy plan.


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