From the Office

Reminder: 2024 CSEF Applications close on Monday.

Parents/carers wishing to apply for CSEF payments for 2024 must submit their application form by 24th June 2024.

Change of Clothing

Can we please ask parents/carers with children in early years to make sure their children always have a spare set of school clothes in their bags. Sometimes accidents can happen or it can be wet and muddy outside, so a change of underwear, pants/shorts/dress and socks can be a good idea to have in schools bags all the time.

Make sure that all items your child brings to school are labelled with their name.

Action Plans

If your child has received an asthma or allergy action plan in their school bag, please ensure it is taken to your local a general practitioner (GP) to be filled out and provided back to the school.

This plan outlines specific instructions for managing your child’s asthma or allergies, including identifying triggers, recognizing symptoms of an allergic reaction, and administering necessary medications in case of an emergency.

This documentation is required for your child to attend excursions and camps. Additionally, if your child requires medication, please ensure that it is provided to the staff in the front office.

If your child no longer suffers from asthma, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us at and let us know.

Event Reminder: 2024 Year 5/6 Camp – Weekaway – First Instalment Due

Full payment for this event is due on the Friday 23th August via the Thornhill Park Primary School Compass Parent Portal.






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