Divisional Athletics

Results from Western region Divisional Athletics on Thursday 7th Sep

9/10G relay 2nd (apparently very close to 1st place)

Skyla Berryman

Harleen Kaur

Evangeline Pole

Mya Berryman

9/10G 100m

Skyla Berryman 1st

9/10B 100m                9/10B 200m

Jesiah Ewudo 3rd        Jesiah Ewudo 1st

9/10G 200m

Skyla Berryman 1st

Mya Berryman 2nd

11B Discus
Shadrach Doegoliah 3rd

11G 200m

Watchen Jarue 5th

A big congratulations to all participants for their achievements in their chosen events as well as for representing our school in a positive manner by demonstrating the school values.

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