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Cricket Star Academy

Cricket Star Academy is delighted to announce that they will be hosting Cricket programs at Thornhill Primary School from Term 2, 2024.

To determine which days/times are the most convenient for you, please kindly complete the online EOI form below by 5pm Friday 10th May 2024 to register your child’s interest in joining any of our programs. 📝 

Please note:
These programs will be open to any of your children – students and siblings! 😊 
All enquiries about cost and program inclusions etc. should be directed to Cricket Star Academy, not the school. 

Cricket Star Academy is part of Sport Star Academy (SSA), a leading provider of sporting programs in schools across Australia and we are delighted to support Thornhill Primary School in being able to develop a connected, inspirational and supported learning community in a dynamic and stimulating environment where children achieve their potential and become confident and contributing citizens.

At SSA, we believe in setting children up for success, today, tomorrow and in the future. Our driven, all-star team does this by providing a professional and nurturing learning environment that builds a child’s confidence, teaches them skills, creates lifelong memories, and gives the parent back time.

We understand that each child has a different pathway. Whether that’s from beginner to elite, shy to confident or solo player to team player, these programs are a child’s pathway to thrive. 🌱

We look forward to having you join in on the fun! 😊 

For more information:

Coerver Soccer @ Thornhill Park PS

Commencing on July 22, 2024
Time: 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Cost: $180 for 9 weeks

If you are interested, please scan the QR code or visit for more information.


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