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Thornhill Park PS News #3

19th May 2023

Our newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis and is an effective medium of informing students and parents about various school activities, achievements, and events.

We also have a Facebook page and use Compass and ClassDojo to communicate between the school, and parents, students, and staff.

Upcoming Events

Term 2  Monday 15th April till 28th June
Apr 15 – Jun 28 all-day
Year 5 & 6 – Parliament Process Incursion
Apr 23 all-day
Respectful Relationships Program – Parent Information Session
Apr 24 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
ANZAC Day – Public Holiday
Apr 25 all-day
Curriculum Day (Student free day)
Apr 26 all-day

Principal’s Message

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We are nearly half way through the second term and teachers are busily readying our mid-year reports to parents.  We have had two of our three scheduled Prep Information Sessions and Tours, with the next one being on Wednesday afternoon.  We also had our first ever parent forum last week and look forward to running these again in the future.

Exford Primary School Fundraiser

As many of you are aware, there was a serious bus crash this week involving students from Exford Primary School that will undoubtedly change their lives.  We would like to offer the students affected by this tragedy and their families as much support as we can provide, so we will be holding a casual clothes day on Friday 26th May.  We will ask for a gold coin donation from all participants, however if you would like to donate more than a gold coin I would ask that you visit or call the office next week.  Any amount would be appreciated.  We will pass all donations to Exford Primary School by the end of next week and try to do our bit to help this small community to heal.

Prep enrolments 2024

We are starting to take in a strong number of enrolments in Prep for 2024.  Our first two information sessions and tours were attended by a total of nearly 30 families and it was stressed during these sessions that enrolments need to come in as soon as possible to enable us to plan for the new school year.  Enrolments forms are available at the office or on our website.  We rely on all Thornhill Park Community members to promote our school within the area and encourage those who might be neighbours or friends to enrol as soon as possible.  Enrolments are expected to be handed in by June 28th.


I have noticed that quite a few students have been wearing black shorts or tracksuit pants to school as part of their uniform.  Black is not one of our uniform colours, so I would ask that students wear only navy blue pants or shorts.  Pants purchased from Dobsons are a very dark blue and are naturally fine to wear.

Pokemon Cards

We have noticed quite a few students coming to school with Pokemon cards recently.  It is very difficult for teachers to monitor fair trades and as a result we would ask that cards stay at home.  It is causing a bit of distress for some students when they are not getting seemingly fair trades with other students.  Anyone with Pokemon cards at school from next week will have them collected by a teacher and will need to be returned to an adult through the office.  Having Pokemon cards at school is no longer permitted.  Thank you for your understanding.

Maintenance Job

We are currently on the lookout for someone to do odd jobs around the school for one day a week.  It is a paid position and applicants need to have a valid Working with Children Check.  Applicants should head to Recruitment Online for more details.  Applications close soon.

New 5/6 teacher soon

We are also currently on the lookout for a new 5/6 teacher to add to our current classes.  This is due to the increase in enrolments in this area of the school.  After we appoint a new staff member to this role we will ask for volunteers to leave their current class so that we can make the new class.  All students will be completing the same curriculum, so this decision is about having less students in the grade to ensure more teacher time and to allow for further growth over the remainder of the year.  It is also possible that we may not find anyone for this role as there is currently a teacher shortage.  More information will be shared once an appointment is made.

From the Office

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Mother’s Day Stall

The Thornhill Park Primary School first Mother’s Day stall was a great success with many students picking up a lovely gift for their mum or special person. A big thank you to Jo our stall coordinator and parent helper Christine for the organisation and running of the stall on the day.

Monies raised from the stall goes towards school programs and plans.

We hope our mums and special persons had a lovely Mother’s Day!

Student Absence

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school office by 10:30am on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

Online: Via the Compass portal (school preferred option).
Telephone: Call the school office on 8764 3990 (select option 1) please leave a message stating your child’s name, class, and reason for their absences.

Please remember that it’s your responsibility to contact us to provide an explanation for your child’s absence from school, and where possible, please add your child’s absence on compass.

Should you be aware of any upcoming absences for example planned family holiday, medical appointment, dental appointment etc it can be entered on the compass app in advance.  Please also include a reason in the notes/details section.

Our Learning

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Our Learning…. in Grade 1/2


This Term, we have been focusing on writing procedural texts, specifically on writing step-by-step instructions, for example, this week we have been focusing on ‘How to draw a house.’ Our students have been following the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to revising and editing, with an emphasis on the use of verbs and precise language. They have also been engaging in peer-review activities to provide constructive feedback to their classmates. By the end of the week, our young writers will be proudly publishing their work, showcasing their newfound understanding and skills in procedural writing. We are thrilled with their progress and look forward to sharing their accomplishments with you! Additionally, we will be exploring various real-life applications of procedural writing, helping students to make connections between the classroom and the world around them.


In our 1/2 classes, we have been diving into the exciting world of numeracy! This week, our focus has been on collecting data, creating graphs, and exploring the concept of chance. Students have been learning to determine the likelihood of an event occurring, using language such as “might happen,” “will happen,” and “won’t happen” to describe various scenarios. This has been an excellent opportunity for them to build their critical thinking skills and apply them to real-life situations.

Additionally, we have been practicing skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, reinforcing the foundations of multiplication and developing our students’ mental math abilities. These essential numeracy skills will be beneficial as they progress through their mathematical journey.


We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for your dedication to supporting your child’s reading at home. Reading together not only strengthens your child’s literacy skills but also fosters a love for reading that will last a lifetime. The time and effort you invest in encouraging your child to read and engage with their Take Home Readers is invaluable and has a significant impact on their progress and confidence as readers.

We understand that life can be busy, and we truly appreciate the commitment you have shown in making reading a priority in your family’s routine. Your partnership in your child’s education is vital, and we are grateful for your continued support.


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Introducing the School Leaders

Green House Captains for 2023


Mary – Green House Captain

Hello my name is Mary S and I am a green house captain.  I wanted to become a house captain because it was my goal this year.  Being a role model means representing the school and modelling our school values to others.  If you’re not a captain, don’t feel ashamed, you can try next year.

Aferata – Green Vice House Captain

Hello my name is Aferata.  The reason I wanted to be vice house captain is because I want to set up sports activities just like I did on house colours day.  I really enjoy being a role model at the school and representing all the school values to everyone.  If you’re not a captain of any sort, please don’t feel down because just because we’re captains doesn’t mean we’re special.  Yea, we get to set up activities, but you will get many opportunities to be something else. Thank you for listening to my speech.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS)

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a school-wide framework for teaching, modelling, and reinforcing appropriate and positive behaviours. Learning and behaviour expectations are clearly defined in each classroom and are aligned to our school values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, PERSISTENCE and WELLBEING. The purpose of PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm. SWPBS operates on the premise that the same way we teach literacy and numeracy, we also teach how to behave appropriately across different settings.

Positive behaviours are promoted and acknowledged, using recognition and reward systems, with an aim of preventing problem behaviours before they arise. A consistent approach and language is adopted school-wide.

Our school matrix is the expected behaviours template that all staff and students were involved in developing and sets the baseline for behaviour in the school. It assists both staff and students as a reference point to remind us of what we committed to in terms of behaviour and as a re-focusing tool to get us back on track when we lose our focus.


Students of the Week

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Congratulations to the following students who received awards during our assemblies!

Keep up the great work!

Students of the Week – Ending 12/05

Prep A Mrs Nicoll Hargun B
Prep B Miss Belovitch Isaiah M
Prep C Miss Thomas Isak B
Prep D Miss Leslie Emily T
Class 12 A Mrs Scott Kamya A
Class 12 B Miss Afxentiou Tuli S
Class 12 C Mr Lindsay Ahmed J
Class 12 D Miss Duffy Sehaj T
Class 12 E Miss Trigueros Nikshitha R
Class 34 A Mr Micallef Robel W
Class 34 B Miss Baba Daksh N
Class 34 C Mrs Cornock Menaal A
Class 56 A Ms Fabbro Caleb S
Class 56 B Mr Soumbassis Watchen J
STEM Mrs Andersen 12A
Music Mr SantaLucia 34B


Students of the Week – Ending 19/05

Prep A Mrs Nicoll Avah F
Prep B Miss Belovitch Gianna D
Prep C Miss Thomas Angad S
Prep D Miss Leslie Gislaine M
Class 12 A Mrs Scott Kiana R
Class 12 B Miss Afxentiou Xander S
Class 12 C Mr Lindsay Jasmine K
Class 12 D Miss Duffy John A
Class 12 E Miss Trigueros Yovin R
Class 34 A Mr Micallef Braxton N
Class 34 B Miss Baba Jesiah B
Class 56 A Ms Fabbro Rob A
STEM Mrs Andersen 56B
PE Mrs Payton 12A
Music Mr SantaLucia 34B


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Congratulations to the following students who are celebrating a birthday in May!

We hope you had a lovely day!

Soraya-Lee 12A
Enayat 12A
Rostam 12C
Danielle 34B
Praneel 12E
Serenity PA
Shivansh 12C
Shnaya 12C
Jeenawab PD
Joshua 12B
Mary 5/6A
Viktoria PA
Addison 34C
Guntaj 12D
Kirylls 12B

Important Dates

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School Term 2

Monday 24 April 2023 – Friday 23 June 2023

May 14th – May 20th – Education Week

2024 Preps Enrolments – School Tours & Information Sessions 

  • Wednesday 24th May 5pm-6pm

Friday 26th May – Casual Clothes Day (Gold coin donation for Exford Primary School)

Reconciliation Week – 29th May – 2nd June

Monday 12th June – King’s Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 16th June – Year 1/2 Melbourne Museum Excursion

Friday 23rd June – Last Day of term (early dismissal at 2.30pm)

School Term 3

Monday 10 July 2023 – Friday 15 September 2023

Book Week – Theme – ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ – 21st August till 25th August

School Term 4

Monday 2 October 2023 – Wednesday 20 December 2023


Community News

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Martial Arts School

Specialising in kids karate classes for primary age children. Our aim is to increase personal confidence, and improve the physical and mental health of the children.

For more information:-

Melton City Libraries Short Story Competition

Now in its 18th year, our annual Short Story competition is a great opportunity for budding creatives of all ages to showcase their talents and have their work reviewed by popular authors.

And it’s not just for writers! Your short story can be presented in any format including text, illustration, video, verse, voice, or a combination of any of the above. Written entries should be no more than 3000 words for adults or 1500 words for juniors and young adults. For other story formats, aim for something that takes no more than 5 minutes to experience.

Prizes are awarded to the best entries in Junior, Young Adult and Adult sections, as chosen by our panel of judges.

Entries open: Monday 1 May 2023
Entries close: Midnight, Friday 14 July 2023

All entries must be submitted online.



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