Principal’s Message

We are accelerating towards the midway point in the year and lots of exciting things are happening here at Thornhill Park PS.  Our Year 6 students now have their special uniforms and are about to participate in a range of interschool sport activities.  Our 2024 Preps are starting to enrol and we are making contact with kindergartens near our school.  And we are about to receive some new buildings to accommodate the growth of our school.


Please ensure that if you have a child coming to our school as a Prep in 2024 or if you know of someone who intends to come to our school next year, I would ask that you remind them to get their enrolment forms in as soon as possible. We ran our first series of Prep information sessions and Tours over the last 3 weeks and had over 50 families in attendance.  We would ask that all enrolment forms are in before June 28th so that we may start the process of hiring for 2024.

Staff Car Park

I would like to remind parents once again that it is important that you stay out of the staff car park and do not enter at any time to drop off or pick up students.  This is a very dangerous practice and we want to ensure that we keep all students safe.

U-Turns and Parking on the Street

We have also noticed that an increasing number of parents are performing u-turns or getting their children to cross the street directly in front of the school.  This is a very dangerous thing to do, as it is only a matter of time before a child gets hit by a car.  Please take the extra 30 seconds to drive around the block.  We would also ask that you please stop closer to the crossing during drop off time and have your children cross safely at the supervised crossing.

Parent Meetings

At some point either this term or early into next term you will be invited to have a meeting with your child’s teacher.  Please engage with these meetings as it is an opportunity to spend some quality time discussing how your child is going at school.  If you are unable to attend in person, please ask the teacher to organise a Webex meeting.  We would like all students to make maximum progress and we feel we will get the best response if all parties are on the same page.

Compass and excursions

All excursions will be endorsed through Compass, therefore you need to ensure that you are checking all content especially in regard to excursions.  In this space you will need to respond and give permission and you will also need to pay for the excursion.  Our Year 1/2 students are about to head to the Museum and less than 40% of families have paid thus far.  If this doesn’t increase by the due date, the excursion may not go ahead.  Please speak to the office staff if you need assistance with this.

Year 6 Hoodies

As a result of the hoodies taking longer than anticipated, Dobson’s have decided to make them free of charge for anyone who purchased them.

Have a great weekend

Darryl Spiteri

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