Principal’s Message

We have reached the second last week of term 2, which is the halfway point of the year.  We have seen amazing growth from many of our students and there have been many amazing events taking place at our school.  In Term 3 we will have our first School Review, which will guide our school forward for the next 4 years.  We are looking forward to these discussions, as it will give us a clear focus to continue to great work we are doing so far.  We will also have our first camps for our Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 students and we will start enrolling students for 2025.

Enrolments for 2025

We are expecting around 200 Preps in 2025 and have received pre-enrolments of around 75 students so far.  If you know of someone or if you have a child who will be starting with us in 2025, we ask that you fill out the pre-enrolment form, so that we can get an enrolment form to you quickly after the July 30th deadline.  Enrolling your children early is important because it enables us to employ the correct number of teachers for 2025 and enables your child to be part of the transition process in Term 4.

New Staff

We would like to welcome Aloi Tuariki to our school in the role of Student Mentor and Guidance.  She will work with students to talk through different emotions they may be feeling and help them to put things into perspective.  She will also provide them with skills and strategies when dealing with issues or challenges that they may be facing.

Parking and crossing the roads safely

I know I speak about it a lot, but it is an ongoing issue that I need everyone to be aware of and to help with.  Parking out the front of the school is illegal and can incur a fine.  It is a pick up and drop off zone and when used correctly will make an enormous difference to traffic flow.  On Friday afternoon, after our assembly I noticed that this space was being used correctly.  It was amazing how well the traffic flowed when people weren’t queuing up.  I would also remind you to use the two designated crossings to cross the road.  The ‘Speed Hump’ is not a crossing and is used way too often by families.  Please try to do your best to keep all of our students safe by doing the right thing.


Mrs Payton and Mr Bartlett have just conducted 79 Student Support Group meetings over the last 2 weeks.  These meetings are designed to ensure we are providing the necessary supports to students with additional needs and are a forum for positive improvements with students.  Our aim in these meetings is to provide support to students to be the best they can be.  We thank parents for their attendance at these meetings and particularly for engaging positively with our staff to have a clear plan to ensure improved student outcomes as we move through to the second half of the year.  A huge thanks to Mrs Payton for getting these sorted and to all the teachers for writing the necessary Individual Education Plans and attending these meetings to discuss future and current success.

End of Term

A reminder that Friday 28th June is the end of Term 3.  We will be finishing at 2.30pm with an assembly taking place at 2.10pm.  Term 3 begins on Tuesday 16th July as we will be having a Curriculum Day on the Monday.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you at the start of Term 3 on Tuesday 16th July.

Darryl Spiteri



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