Principal’s Message

As we head into the King’s Birthday weekend, it is a timely reminder to be vigilant with colds, flus and COVID and ensure that if your child is sick that they remain home.  We have had a number of staff sick over the last month due to many students coming to school with sickness and coughs.  It is very difficult to get relief teachers to cover absences, so we all need to do our part to try and ensure that our staff and students remain healthy.

King’s Birthday Holiday

A reminder that Monday is the King’s Birthday Holiday and therefore we will not have school.  We hope you have a lovely long weekend.

School Photos

You should have all received your school photos for 2024.  These were sent out this week.  If you have paid for photos and you are yet to receive them, please contact MSP Photography on 5333 5577.


Our Year 5/6 students attended Genesis for a swimming program this week.  By all accounts they had a wonderful time and some students felt confident that they were now able to be more confident when near water.  It is a privilege to be able to provide this program to our students as it teaches them how to navigate water and the possibilities when they are around water.

After school sport

We currently have community programs running with individual groups and sporting organisations for karate, basketball, cricket and soccer.  These programs are a welcome addition to our school and a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with others in the community.  If you would like to participate in any of these programs we would ask you to contact these organisations directly.  Students and other members of the community who are not part of the program that is using the gym, should not be in the gym as Public Liability Insurance does not cover you if anything were to go wrong.  We would also ask that you look after the school grounds and refrain from entering buildings, whilst these programs are on as the cleaners have work to do and are often having to reclean areas that people have visited without permission.


We are running low on beanies and have placed a new order for some more.  These are available from the office at $15 each.

Uniform and Lost Property

We have noticed that many students lose jumpers and jackets and parents are helping themselves to some of the lost property in our wellbeing space.  Please do not take anything that does not belong to you.  If your child’s names is clearly labelled on items, they will be returned to them through the teacher. We thank you for your understanding on this.


A reminder that the canteen is open from Tuesday to Friday.  Students are able to use money to buy things over the counter or you can order their lunch using the QuickCliq app.

End of Term

We will be finishing Term 2 on Friday 28th June at 2.30pm.  An assembly will take place at 2.10pm on this day.

Start of Term 3 Curriculum Day

We will be starting Term 3 with a Curriculum Day on Monday 15th July.  School will resume for Term 3 on Tuesday 16th July.

Have a great weekend.

Darryl Spiteri



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