Principal’s Message

Term 2 is in full swing as we approach Week 5 here at Thornhill Park Primary School.

Mother’s day Stall & Open Afternoon

We had our Mother’s Day Stall on Thursday in our Wellbeing Space where students were able to buy gifts for their Mothers.  We raised over $1700 for our school as a result of this day. This money will go towards providing extra activities for our students to participate in during recess and lunch times.  On behalf of the Thornhill Park PS Community I would like to thank the volunteers who took their time to help with the selling of items over the day.  A huge thank you to Silvia Shankar, Courtney Lichnok, Ritu Singh, Minaxmi Saha, Carly Busuttil, Ayesha Gama and Alice McGivney-Harper who helped on the day.  I would also like to thank Nalia, Jo, Tam, Jade, Kate and Sharon for helping throughout the day.

We also had the pleasure of having our Mother’s and significant females come into the classrooms and spend some time with their children on Friday afternoon.  It is always wonderful to have our community getting a sense of what goes on in our classroom and to help to promote positive attitudes to school and academic success.  We understand that some parents did not know this was on, however it was mentioned at our assembly and through Class Dojo.  We apologise if you were unable to make it due to our communication and we will endeavour to ensure we get messages out earlier on Class Dojo and Compass in the future.

I would like to wish all Mums in our community a Happy Mother’s day for Sunday.  I hope you are looked after well this weekend and your family take the time to show how much you are appreciated.  Have a great day!

Government $400 payment

You may have seen the recent announcement of the School Saving Bonus, as part of the Victorian Budget 2024/25. We are sharing more information about how families will be able to access and use this support. This one-off support will include $400 for each eligible student to help families cover the costs of school uniforms and activities in 2025.
It will be available to parents and carers of every child enrolled in a Victorian government school in 2025.
Cash will not be paid directly to individuals or families. Instead, families will receive the bonus as credits on their school accounts that will help meet the costs of your children’s activities and uniforms.

Existing supports

The School Saving Bonus support will be in addition to existing and continuing means-tested supports for camps, sports, excursions and uniforms.
The application-based Affordable School Uniform program, through State Schools’ Relief, will continue to be available to families experiencing financial hardship or other forms of vulnerability and short-term crisis. This program allows schools to make multiple applications for support on parents’ behalf throughout the year if needed.
There will be more information and guidance about the School Saving Bonus in Term 3, 2024, ahead of its implementation in 2025.

Student Behaviours

For the most part, behaviours at Thornhill Park from our students is exemplary.  Our students earn Dojo Points for their efforts and spend these points at the Dojo Shop when they display our school values.  Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a small spike in anti-social type behaviour amongst our student cohort and would like to get on top of this as soon as possible and return to the wonderful place that this school is.  Please speak with your children about using our school values at all times and focusing on integrity and respect.  Many of our issues are stemming from situations that are occurring after hours that are brought to school and involve families.  Please ensure you continue to support our school with positive messaging.  We owe it to each other to maintain what is a very safe and enjoyable environment for the community of Thornhill Park.

School Parking

Please ensure that you are not using our Staff Car Park at all times, including after 4pm as the last teacher out of the car park will always close the gate and if a parent car is in the car park, it makes this difficult.  If you are attending events in the gym after hours or picking up your children from after school care, we require you to use the front entrance of the school.  Thank you for your understanding.

A reminder that parking bays at the front of the school are pick up and drop off only.  You are not to leave your car and you should not be here for longer then 2 minutes.  It is also not advised to be double parking and holding traffic up behind you until your child comes out of the school.  This practice is dangerous and encourages drivers to overtake on a narrow street outside of a school.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to do the right thing for the safety of our children.

Have a great weekend

Darryl Spiteri


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