Principal’s Message

We are 4 weeks into our school year and we couldn’t be prouder of the way our students have settled into the year.  We have started our first ever swimming program and we are now preparing for NAPLAN.


Our Year 2 to 4 students went to Genesis in Melton to participate in our first ever swimming program.  Swimming is a vital skill for everyone to learn to enable safety around water.  If our program assists in helping children to feel more confident around water, then it is program that is worthwhile.    Students and teachers quickly adapted to the routine for the week and enjoyed the sessions.  As this is the first time we are doing this program, there are some things that we know we need to improve in terms of getting back to school on time.  Our school heavily subsidises this program, to ensure that every child can participate.  Thank you to the parent helpers who are helping us with this program.


Parking is still a major concern at school.  Parents are constantly parking in No Standing Zones and are blocking garages and driveways around the rear of the townhouses at the front of the school or taking it upon themselves to drop off their children in the staff car park.  Areas around the school are clearly signed and we will be encouraging the Council to come around and ensure people are doing the right thing.  If you receive a fine due to illegal parking of your vehicle, please do not ask us to assist as we have reminded you on numerous occasions to do the right thing for the safety of our children and the wider community.


Students are required to wear the school uniform at all times.  Coats or parkas are only permitted when it is cold or raining and can only be worn to and from school.  Hats must be broad brimmed and we prefer those with our school logo, which can be purchased from our office or Dobsons.  Shoes need to be closed and safe.  Runners or school shoes are fine.  Shoes with wheels are not permitted as they pose a danger to the wearer and other children.  Please ensure your child’s name is on their uniform.  We have many items handed in with no name, however if they have a name they are returned to the owner immediately.  This is particularly important during the swimming program.

Welcome Kate

We welcome Kate Vukoja who joins our office team this week.  Kate will be working in our First Aid room and at the front desk.  She will be the person to see if you have any First Aid questions.


A reminder that the canteen is open between Tuesday and Friday.  Orders can be made on Quickcliq or there is counter service.  Please don’t give your children large notes such as $50 or $100 as they may lose them at school or create unnecessary temptation for others.

Have a great week

Darryl Spiteri


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