Our Learning

Our Learning in Grade 5 & 6

Over the last few weeks, the grade 5 and 6 students have been learning to identify equivalent , proper, improper and mixed fractions. They have also learned how to add and subtract fractions with the same and different denominators, as well as solve problems with fractions.


In writing, the students have chosen a topic of interest and have written information texts. Topics included countries, famous people, cultures, animals, and inventions.  When researching their topic, they have used their own words or paraphrased their information. After writing their drafts, students have spent a lot of effort on editing their writing. They watched their teachers model how to add, change, and substitute words and sentences, as well as add punctuation.  Check out some of these amazing pieces of work.

In reading lessons, students have focused on paraphrasing which is when you place any text into your own words.  We also celebrated Book Week by having a performance performed by the Books to Life company of the book “Jorn’s Magnificent Imagination”. Students found out that Jorn Utzon designed the Sydney opera House.  Check out the pictures to see some students taking part in the action.  The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


In Inquiry, we have continued to find out about natural disasters including floods, earthquakes and cyclones.  Now we are busily researching and paraphrasing a natural disaster for our projects.  We look forward to sharing these at the end of the term.

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