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Our Learning in Years 3 & 4

Dear parents and families,

The year 3/4 students and teachers are excited for our upcoming excursion to the Immigration Museum on Friday 17th May. This will consolidate student’s learning about Australian History and Immigration including First Peoples’ culture and connections. Students this term have explored the experiences of First Nations Peoples as well as those of the first European Settlers.

We are approaching the end of our unit on Persuasive text writing. Students have worked diligently on their text structure, focusing on paragraphs, language devices, such as emotive language and modality words, as well as their writing stamina. It has been great to see the children challenging themselves resulting in excellent quality work. Students are looking forward to commencing the unit on Information Report writing in the coming weeks!


In reading, the children are continuing to identify language devices in persuasive texts. They have grasped an understanding of the purpose of each device and the author’s opinion.

Our unit on Fractions has commenced in week 4. The children will explore different representations of halves, quarters, thirds, sixths, fifths, and tenths. We will also explore representations of fractions in collections, number lines, mixed number fraction and equivalent fractions.

We are excited to see the progress and growth our students are achieving so far this term!


Friendly reminders:

-Please check Compass for information on the upcoming excursion.

-Notify the school of student absences via Compass.

-Art smocks are required for Visual Arts.


The year 3/4 team. 

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