Our Learning

Our Learning in Years 5 & 6

This week the grade 5s and 6s took part in an incursion, “Parliament Process”.  We learned about different types of government, including our local government, which is Melton Council, the Victorian State Government, and the Federal government.  It was fun and educational because we did activities that helped with our learning. We listened to 6 different representatives from 6 parties including the happiness party, the environment, animal, and relaxation parties.  After listening to their persuasive speeches we voted using ballot papers.  After voting we took part in a role play as if we were in the  real Parliament House.  Some students represented the government and some represented the opposition side. Some people had parts for example, the Prime Minister, the Speaker and the Clerk and the Sargeant of Arms.   Our government discussed the issue of “PE should be banned in schools. “ After hearing all the opinions of the members of parliament we took a vote and the government won. We had lots of fun and learned a lot from this valuable incursion. Written by Mayom, Tina  and Ellie in 56 A

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