Introducing the School Leaders

Blue House Captains for 2023

My name is Genesis and I am the Blue House Captain.  My favourite things about being a house captain is that you can lead activities for special events, and you get to have fun when leading one of the activities.  My favourite session is P.E.  because you can have so much fun and you’re playing with your friends.  You can play new sports or games you’ve never heard of or played before.  The main thing about P.E is having fun.  My 2nd favourite lesson is Art because after P.E. it takes my adrenaline out of me and  takes it inside my art.  My 3rd favourite is Music because in music we’ve been learning  about pitch; what has a low pitch and high pitch.  Many things have pitch like opera singers because they sing high notes.  On Monday we used ukeleles in class and played Old McDonald.


Hi, my name is Simon and I’m from Thornhill Park.  Thornhill Park is a great community, and they have a great school here especially because you do sports and you have fun and I love STEM because you learn new things like coding.  That’s why Thornhill Park is the best.  I love the community because it makes you feel safe.


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