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2025 Prep Tour and Information Session

We have added another 2025 Prep Tour and Information Session for Wednesday 29th May 9.15am to 10.30am.
Register at or use the QR Code below if you would like to attend this session. #thornhillparkps

Student Appointments / Arrival / Departures

We would like to make families aware of our pick up procedures for collecting students early.

If your child has an appointment and is arriving late, or departing early, or has an appointment during the term, please let your child(s) classroom teacher know via Class Dojo.

When your child is leaving early, please wait at the school office.  Office staff will call your child’s classroom/exit your child, and then your child will be brought to the office, to minimise disruptions.

Please also be mindful that it is difficult for children to hear announcements whilst out in the playground enjoying themselves, should you need to collect them during break times it may take us quite a bit longer.

Book Club

We are currently involved in the Scholastic Australia book club scheme, which offers a wide variety of books at discount prices.

The school receives points based on the quantity of books purchased throughout the year which can be exchanged for new books or resources.

Paper brochures will be sent home for parents to order books, throughout the year, if they wish.

LOOP online orders are required.   No Cash payments accepted.

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